Re: Thanks, and a Brief Survey

On 1/15/10 9:57 AM, "Dave Neary" <dneary gnome org> wrote:
> Please stop trolling.

Dave, I think this is unhelpful. If you must, maybe you should do it
privately, rather than publicly.

> How about I do a poll whether people think PCs should run Windows or
> another desktop environment? If we respect the results we should stop
> developing GNOME.

This survey is not specifically related to GNOME, as I've said. I mentioned
it here mainly in order to ensure getting the broadest participation. I am
conducting it mainly for my own interest, in order to see how well expressed
beliefs reflect actual realities.

If you're suggesting that _this_ survey is somehow biased, as your example
question would appear to, I'd appreciate more specific information.

> Isn't leading by survey one of the issues you had with the Bush & Blair
> administrations?

I'm most certainly not proposing that the Board necessarily do or not do
anything based on the results. I do, however, think they're worthy of
consideration. Note that I have not suggested that anyone "respect" the
results. I do think that people should consider them, but that's entirely up
to them.

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