Re: Thanks, and a Brief Survey

On 1/16/10 1:10 PM, "Richard Stallman" <rms gnu org> wrote:
> See
> for an explanation of the difference in philosophy between free
> software and open source.

I'm pretty sure most people on the list have read the essay and understand
your view. Any who might not have certainly should.
> GNOME is a GNU package, and was founded specifically to fight for
> users' freedom.  It is on the free software side.  However, people are
> welcome to contribute to GNOME regardless of their views on this or
> any subject.

You use one term exclusively, and see a distinction between the two; I use
another, and see a somewhat different distinction, perhaps; some, as Dave,
see them as synonymous, and might use either one. We're all members, and we
hold a variety of viewpoints.

Since there's evidently no settled view of the matter, and no likelihood of
there being one soon, it seems to me that a statement which represents the
Foundation (which is, as Stormy has pointed out, no more than its members)
should not affirm only one of the two viewpoints to the exclusion of the

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