Re: GNOME: lack of strategic roadmap

El jue, 25-02-2010 a las 22:29 +0200, Ivan Frade escribió:
> Hi,
>  The big idea behind GNOME3 can be to offer a completely new User
> Experience. GNOME2 did well with the usual Menus/panel/folders
> approach, it brought stability, performance and we built the basic
> blocks of a Desktop. Now comes the time to use those blocks to revamp
> how the user interact with its computer. In some way, it should do on
> the Desktop what maemo5 did on a mobile device: use the things we
> already know in a new way and it doesn't look like the usual boring
> computer.

I agree with Frade, for example among my university friends facebook is
quite important, it's how you interact with a lot of people you don't
see daily and some times the way to find out about meetings, parties,
etc. Why can't we provide an easy way for people to integrate all this
info to the local apps?
A small example that I believe is doable right now:
 - you login to GNOME for the first time
 - you are asked for personal info
 - you are asked also for your facebook id (example)
 - the fb id gets processed into an empathy account and a f-spot export
configuration (or whatever wants to consume it)
 - the panel/clock show fb events you are attending, evolution reminds
you of them also

I'm sure my univ mates would appreciate a desktop that eases their FB
experience. Notice how we would improve that without buzz-y words and
without smoking crack.

My Peruvian Nuevo Sol (PEN) for the discussion.

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