Re: GNOME: lack of strategic roadmap


> Actually, I think that the Red Hat maintainers of the toolkit had an 
> interest in stability (for ISVs) and that stifled development. As such 
> developing anything in GTK+ takes a lot longer than it should and that's 
> why it is always hard to get into development there or to fix something. 
> This has long been the internal politic of GTK+.

Well, I think as GTK+ is really deep down in the stack it's stability
and code quality is much more important than adding new features. When
you look at some of the older GTK+ code (e.g. GtkNotebook) you see what
happens without responsible maintainership.

I know from personal experience that it is difficult to get stuff into
GTK+. It involves poking a lot at the maintainer(s), actually it was
always mclasen who committed and commented things. Still, it's possible
to get new features in (GtkToolPalette, action-widget for GtkNotebook).
I think it should be even easier for bug-fixes.

What I see as a bigger problem is that the chance to clean things up for
3.0 might pass because not enough people are working on this.


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