Re: GNOME: lack of strategic roadmap

On 22/02/10 19:27, Dave Neary wrote:


* It seems we have lost the mobile battle. Can we do something about it
or simply retreat?. I like the idea of creating more components and some
of this components can be added to the GNOME mobile platform.

Have we lost the mobile battle? It certainly appears that GTK+ has lost
the mobile battle,

I don't think that's so true. Just because Nokia decided to buy Trolltech because it could be bought, doesn't mean the rest of the world agrees.

but all of the hard work that GNOME hackers have put
into the middleware platform and components like Gstreamer, Dbus,
Telepathy and Pulseaudio are now cornerstone parts of both the free
desktop and the mobile platform.

Dare I mention Tracker amongst those other projects? ;)


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