Re: How about creating


> Sure, however, why not open-source software?

As far as I see it, there is a clear definition for free software while
"Open Source" can refer to many things and while all free software is open
source not all open source software is free software.

The minimal definition of open source is that you can look at the source
code, that is not enough if you may not share/change/distribute/etc. it.
All other definitions of open source are rather weak. There is the OSI[1]
definition but there are also others.

Point 4 of the OSI definition would be rather annoying for GNOME in
pratical terms.

IMHO this is leading to nothing and it is far easier to stick to open
source. In the terms above there is a clear text saying that you should
contact the release-team when in doubt. If you have a non-free but open
source license then I am pretty sure there is some doubt.



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