Re: How about creating

On Mo, 09.08.2010 12:28, Johannes Schmid wrote:

>>     The idea is simple (but long and complex to implement). I would love
>>     to have a site, so we can have nice database with
>>     plugins and other addons for desktop apps. The idea would be to
>>     "borrow" ideas from the addons site of mozilla and it should support
>>     different types of add-ons (for instance, for gedit, we have plugins,
>>     language files, style-themes to name a few).
>> If we do this, we should have a strict policy that we only
>> list add-ons that are free.
>As all the applications involved are GPL'd

Which applications are involved? There are some desktop apps that are
LGPL'd or even MIT'd, for which non-free addons could legally be


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