Announcing our new Foundation members


I would like to announce some of the new Foundation members we approved during these two months.
Unfortunately changing the welcome mail to have them sending out an introduction to the list didnt have
good results since just one new member posted on the list lately.

So in the name's list that will follow, you'll find one or two details (mostly the area of involvement) about
our brand new members.

They are:

1. Alexandre Franke (translations for the French l10n team plus Planner's bug triaging and code commits)
2. Koen Martens (main organizator of GUADEC 2010)
3. Hylke Bons (Icons (Tango, GNOME Icon Theme, Moblin), Artwork, UI Design, Usability)
4. Tomeu Vizoso (Filed bugs, contributed fixes, implemented features, hippo-canvas maintenance)
5. Xabier Rodriguez Calvar (main developer in MAFW (Maemo), Hildon (Maemo) and Fisterra project)
6. Nils-Christoph Fiedler (Translation and coordination of GNOME into Low German on and integration of
    Low German GNOME strings into Launchpad.)
7. Simon van der Linden (Pygi maintainer)
8. Zhang Sen (Gnome-games, Foresight Linux packaging, Summer of Code, Gnome Developer Kit)
9. Jean-François Fortin Tam (Pitivi project and its documentation, code, translations and talks)
10. William Kahn-Greene (GNOME Journal article, GNOME Miro Community.)
11. Joe Brockmeier (Press releases for the GNOME Foundation plus Public Relations leader)
12. Hiroyuki Ikezoe (librsvg maintainer)
13. Thorsten Prante (Co-founder of the Zeitgeist project)
14. Bryen Yunashko (GNOME A11y team)

Please welcome them into the team with a great hug!

/me goes back preparing the elections : /


The GNOME Membership Committee

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