Re: Announcing our new Foundation members

O Mér, 21-04-2010 ás 20:55 +0200, Andrea Veri escribiu:
> 5. Xabier Rodriguez Calvar (main developer in MAFW (Maemo), Hildon
> (Maemo) and Fisterra project)

I am Xabier and currently I work at Igalia (I became partner a couple of
months ago).

Some years ago I was one of the main developers of Fisterra (and ERP
framework using GNOME technologies) and one of the main developers of
MAFW (the multimedia application framework used in Maemo 5, Fremantle).
Lately, I have been collaborating in Hildon (the widgets library for
Maemo 5 built on top of GTK) and Grilo (a framework to provide
multimedia content). Regarding MAFW and Grilo, I am writing a MAFW
plugin to feed MAFW with the contents provided by Grilo.

And nothing else to add :) . Best regards.

Xabier Rodríguez Calvar
Enxeñeiro en Informática

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