Re: Announcing our new Foundation members

On 04/21/2010 02:55 PM, Andrea Veri wrote:
> I would like to announce some of the new Foundation members we approved
> during these two months.
> Unfortunately changing the welcome mail to have them sending out an
> introduction to the list didnt have
> good results since just one new member posted on the list lately.

Sorry about that.  I did mean to write an introduction email, but didn't
get to it.

> 10. William Kahn-Greene (GNOME Journal article, GNOME Miro Community.)

I work for PCF on Miro.  Miro on Linux and Windows primarily use a
GNOME-based stack.

I also started GNOME Miro Community (<
to pull GNOME-related videos into a curated index on a single web-site
making it easier for us all to find and watch conference material,
tutorials, screencasts of current development and anything else that's
GNOME-related in video form out there.

If you're producing video on what you're working on, I encourage you to
submit the videos to GNOME Miro Community.

If you're involved in A/V for a conference with GNOME-related material
in it, let me know so that I can work with you to get the video on GNOME
Miro Community as well.

In this way I hope to help make video easier to find and more useful.

I'm on the GNOME Marketing list (though mostly as a lurker) to work with
them to get the messages behind GNOME 3 across to users, developers and
other stake holders.

I've also written an article for GNOME Journal.  I'd like to write more
in the future as time permits.


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