Re: Code of Conduct and Foundation membership

>    1. People speak on their own behalf, not on behalf of GNOME.  Unless they 
> ARE talking on behalf of GNOME (say, board, release team, etc),

On things like the planet that can be addressed by suitable tags and
styling (as could "inappropriate" content - if there is a 'rant filter'
option or similar)

>    4. In any kind of discussion and/or medium, one should learn who's words 
> matter.  "Is he the maintainer of the module?  Is he a developer?  Does he 
> generally offer useful insight?  Does he know what he's talking about?  Do 
> others take this person seriously?"  When you learn to ignore the noise, life 
> is beautiful again.

With the kernel hat on this is why LWN and Jon Masters summaries are so
important. They distill the relevant material from the bloodbath that is
linux-kernel (and which btw does put off a lot of people and cause big
issues with some cultural groups). Please btw don't use Linux kernel as a
shining example of why rules are not needed. The kernel works despite not
because of the list attitude. Also there may be no code of conduct but
certain people have at times been taken aside at conferences and
"educated" on how they are coming across.

>    - Learn to agree to disagree.
>    - Criticize ideas, not people presenting them.

And perhaps also - Remmeber that different cultures have different
attitudes, styles and touchy subjects.


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