Re: GNOME Foundation Elections - Call for Questions

Hi Lionel,

Lionel Dricot wrote:
I believe that a wiki page is a lot more efficient.

Please post your questions here :

Is this the "blessed" method of gathering questions? If so, we should publicise it some (desktop notes, pgo at least). I have added some questions to start it off.

I've added a few questions that attempt to be "STAR" type questions - hopefully others will like the technique as much as me & come up with even better ones.

For some idea of what I'm talking about, the idea of STAR is to evaluate people based on actual past behaviour. Rather than phrasing questions "how would you...", you phrase them as "the last time you were in a similar situation, what did you...". You try to set up Situations or Tasks, get the Action which the person did in that situation, and evaluate the Result of the action (thus "STAR").

Here are a couple of links:

Since I consider people skills, diplomacy and experience in non-profit type structures the most important skills, those are the questions I asked.


Dave Neary
GNOME Foundation member
dneary gnome org

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