Re: GNOME Foundation Elections - Call for Questions

>> Traditionally, the questions are collection from interested parties
>> and, an individual from the Membership and Elections Committee posts
>> it in public so as to allow the candidates to frame responses and,
>> respond.
>> A wiki page could form the basis of a collection, sorting, sifting and
>> finalizing of questions I guess.
> Right; I didn't mean to second-guess the elections team (who have done
> a great job as usual) but just to suggest an alternative that has
> worked for other groups.

I believe that a wiki page is a lot more efficient.

Please post your questions here :

1) Read existing questions and complete/rephrase them instead of just
adding a new question.

2) Each question should have an unique number (positive integer in the
arab notation, for the sake of simplicity). If a question has subquestion,
use a), b),?

3) Don't change the number of a question, even if you delete a previous

Unfortunatly, it looks like my network doesn't want me to access
live.gnome anymore. I was in the process of creating the page but cannot
save it so please start without me and copy/paste those rules on it.

(reading it, I see that my mail sounds a bit autoritative which is not
intended as it'i more a proposition to make the job of everybody easier)

Thanks, :-)

Lionel (lazyman from the membership-committee)

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