Re: "Private Foundation-List" Petition for referendum

Are there people on this list that are not GNOME Foundation members? If so, can you speak up? It would be good for everyone to know why you subscribe to foundation-list and the value you see in it.

Also, maybe someone with list admin privileges could tell us roughly the number of subscribers and how many of them appear to be GNOME Foundation members. I know it might be hard to relate the email addresses to names of members but even an estimate would be good data.

It would also be interesting to know of people that have posted in the past year, how many of them are GNOME Foundation members. We could figure this out from the archives.



On Mon, Dec 14, 2009 at 6:49 PM, Behdad Esfahbod <behdad behdad org> wrote:
[/me removes board hat]

Hi everyone,

I like to ask for your support in my petition for referendum to make foundation-list archives private and membership limited to actual Foundation members.  If we make that change we would be able to discuss matters freely without making lots of news that more often than not are harmful to our image to the world in general.

Please sign here:

We would need 35 to 40 signatures to put this to vote.

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