Re: "Private Foundation-List" Petition for referendum

El lun, 14-12-2009 a las 19:04 -0700, Stormy Peters escribió:
> Are there people on this list that are not GNOME Foundation members?
> If so, can you speak up? It would be good for everyone to know why you
> subscribe to foundation-list and the value you see in it.

I'm not a foundation member, I subscribed here because I want to know
what the GNOME foundations is doing. I'm a GNOME contributor but not a
member yet.

IMHO, there is nothing wrong about having a private list for GNOME
foundation members. The degree of transparency in GNOME should not be
hurt for having an only member list as far as all the decision will be

The inconvenience of a total transparency management is that 
polemic topics can atract the focus of a lot of people and media. Not
sure if this is a real problem or we can live with that, the price of
being totally transparent. If so, go for a private list.

hasta luego,

   -- Juanjo Marín

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