Re: Code of Conduct and Foundation membership

Le lundi 14 décembre 2009, à 16:56 -0500, Behdad Esfahbod a écrit :
> On 12/14/2009 04:34 PM, Vincent Untz wrote:
> >Also, the GNU project is not the FSF. When reading the thread, I have
> >the feeling that some people want the GNOME project to not be part of
> >the FSF, or to disagree with the FSF. The GNOME Foundation is part of
> >the FSF, and we sometimes disagree with the FSF, and we're all fine this
> >way.
> Humm, *now* I'm confused.  What does it mean that "The GNOME
> Foundation is part of the FSF"?

Gah. I obviously missed the "not". It should read: "The GNOME Foundation
is not part of the FSF". Apologies for the confusion :-)

> As for "GNOME being a GNU project", what that means is explained here:

Thanks for the link, that's something I was looking for and I couldn't
find easily!


Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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