Re: Call for hosts for GUADEC 2009

El mié, 23-04-2008 a las 23:07 +0200, Johannes Schmid escribió:
> Hi everyone!
> Sorry, to step into this discussion, but I would really like to point
> out that every part of the world may have a gnome conference, even an
> important or *the* GNOME conference. But why can we keep GUADEC the
> "european" conference?
> If you want to do a GUAD*C at any other place of the world, I am fully
> ok with that but let's keep one GNOME conference in europe as there is a
> huge community there.

hm... things I don't understand:

- GUADEC must stay in Europe, but it's publicized as "*The* GNOME
- GUADEC location is decided by the GNOME Foundation Board. AFAIK, no
other regional conference has such an involvement from the board.
- etc.

So, considering the importance of GUADEC for the project, I don't
believe it's fair for the rest of the world to say that GUADEC should
stay in Europe forever, even with all the practical advantages this has.

What I would like to see is proposals to host GUADEC in other places of
the world to be considered. There may be a bias to prefer European
locations because it's more practical, that seems reasonable; but at
some point someone could appear with an amazing proposal at a great
non-european location that would make everyone say "wow.. we have to do
it there!". I currently don't like the fact that no one can even
consider working in such a proposal.

And let's face it, we'll have this discussion each year, again and

Let GUADEC evolve :-)


Claudio Saavedra <csaavedra alumnos utalca cl>

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