Re: Can we improve things?

<quote who="Zeeshan Ali">

> Jeff replied to him? 1 month is nothing, I had to wait for 1.5 years to
> get my blog syndicated to p.g.o and it's been months now that i have been
> asking him to put my picture there.

I received a mail from you on 2006-05-09 which I replied to, but didn't hear
back. I ended up adding you regardless during a post-travel sweep of Planet
requests. I got the hackergotchi mail on 2007-04-30 and replied a week or so
later with suggestions about it. I haven't received a new one, so you still
don't have a hackergotchi on Planet GNOME. I'm sorry, but I can't go chasing
after people for this stuff.

- Jeff

-- 2008: Melbourne, Australia
     "A narcissist - every inch the preening, overconfident, studiously
    effete, ever-so-slightly detached rock star." - Anon. description of
                                 Tony Blair

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