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On 9/7/07, Damien Sandras <dsandras seconix com> wrote:

> When I think to Julien, I am also getting mad.
> He has been contributing to Ekiga for 5 years. He recently created a
> blog and asked to Jeff to be added on He was first
> ignored, then Jeff told him that he had to post often to be added.
> One day later, another guy was added to with 3 posts
> having been done in a 6 months period. That is what I call dictatorship
> and boycott of my project.

  Jeff replied to him? 1 month is nothing, I had to wait for 1.5 years
to get my blog syndicated to p.g.o  and it's been months now that i
have been asking him to put my picture there.

   About the svn access, all centralized VCS's are meant for
dictatorships. If the gnome foundation really wants to improve the
situation, i recommend moving to git or some other non-distributed VCS
instead of brain-dead centralized svn for the following reason:

1. Developers can clone the main repo and the maintainers (people with
write-access) can just pull from their cloned repos. This way a
developer won't really need write access and he'll just keep on
committing his changes to his repo and inform the maintainer(s) about
his newest cool changes and the maintainer(s) can pull those changes
if they like/need them.

2. #1 is a generic advantage of using a non-distributed VCS but the
reason i would go for git is speed: it's amazingly super fast in all
it's operations and will save a lot of precious developer time.

3. No need to maintain two levels of changelog.

  So far the only arguments against git had been the sucky UI but that
is no more true of git 1.5. For details on why a good and
self-respecting developer wouldn't ever consider using svn over git,
you have to watch this presentation by Linus: .


Zeeshan Ali
FSF member#5124

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