Re: Can we improve things?

<quote who="Damien Sandras">

> However, I am more and more disappointed by the way some people *control*
> that community, even if they never contributed anything back to it.

I think this is an extremely unfair comment to make, whether it's about me
or any of the other sysadmins. I hope you see to an apology or at least a

> When I think to Julien, I am also getting mad.
> He has been contributing to Ekiga for 5 years. He recently created a
> blog and asked to Jeff to be added on He was first
> ignored, then Jeff told him that he had to post often to be added.

Julien first emailed me on 2007-08-10, which you also replied to that day.
Although his blog was empty, Julien indicated that he had a number of posts
waiting to be published. Soon after I spoke with Julien about it on IRC and
said that I preferred to add people after they'd been blogging for a while
(*not* that he "had to post often") and that Planet GNOME shouldn't be seen
as a reason to blog. He emailed me again on the 28th, which I readily admit
I haven't replied to or done anything about yet as I've been travelling. My
mailbox is a horror at those times, which I hope you can have some sympathy

> One day later, another guy was added to with 3 posts
> having been done in a 6 months period.

Which indicates that you don't have to blog often to be on Planet GNOME,
just that you should hopefully already be blogging. :-)

> That is what I call dictatorship and boycott of my project.

You know very well that's ugly hyperbole and emotional manipulation. Don't
raise concerns with a gun pointed at someone's head.

I know Planet GNOME maintenance has been patchy -- I've been thinking about
ways to alleviate that while keeping strong editorship in place. The Board
has prompted me about this too, so I have plenty of incentive to resolve it
without any of the poop flinging we've seen in this thread.


- Jeff

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