Re: Can we improve things?

Zeeshan Ali a écrit :
   About the svn access, all centralized VCS's are meant for
dictatorships. If the gnome foundation really wants to improve the
situation, i recommend moving to git or some other non-distributed VCS
instead of brain-dead centralized svn for the following reason:

At one point, there will always be the need for *someone* to be able to say "This is foo version 3.14159", whatever is used.

I use git since about a month, and git-svn for ekiga work since about two weeks, so I can say that git is definitely wonderfully light, fast, and efficient. I hated cvs, I hate svn, but I love it.

That being said, I can't help but notice that svn itself isn't the cause of the problem : I was added as a code contributor to the wormux project (hosted on gna!, using svn) by one of the developpers, and it took one hour (read again: hour -- not year, not month, not week, not day) before the change took effect.

So in my opinion, discussing about git vs svn isn't on-topic here.


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