Re: Can we improve things?

На чет, 2007-09-06 во 23:19 +0200, Damien Sandras напиша:
> When I think to Julien, I am also getting mad.
> He has been contributing to Ekiga for 5 years. He recently created a
> blog and asked to Jeff to be added on He was first
> ignored, then Jeff told him that he had to post often to be added. 
> One day later, another guy was added to with 3 posts
> having been done in a 6 months period. That is what I call dictatorship
> and boycott of my project.

And this is not the first time that someone complains about having this
issue. How do we select the people that go out live on Planet GNOME? Is
it only enough for the person to be a contributor (when i say
contributor i mean every contributor) or only developers get added? 

Why is decision making and administration left to only one person? 

We should delegate this responsibility along with the appropriate access
to more people and make a list of conditions that a person has to meet
so he gets added cause it's clear that this is either too much work for
one person or that person is not the right person for the job.

> This kind of behavior makes me more and more disappointed about the way
> things are being handled in GNOME and I am about to move my whole stuff
> to and go on my own way.

Damien, hate to see that happen but if you already made up your mind,
good luck.
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