Re: Executive director [was: Re: OOXML]

<quote who="Dave Neary">

> This sounds, 2 years on, like exactly the situation we find ourselves in
> now. Perhaps it is time to revisit the assumption that our organisation is
> so radically different from others that we don't need/want an executive
> director?

I substantially agree with everything raised in your email, but I've come to
a different conclusion -- and that's okay!

 * I don't think we're in the dire situation described in your email. We're
   firmly on the small-target side of execution, but that's okay for now.

 * I don't think we have an assumption that our organisation is so radically
   different that we don't need/want an executive director. That sounds like
   a misinterpretation of my emphasis on previous hiring goals, which I'd be
   happy to work through with you if necessary.

 * It's more important to have a good grasp on what we want to hire for, and
   who we want to hire than just filling the role with a warm body. I firmly
   believe that hiring the wrong person is worse than having no one at all.

 * The current Board, during its mid-year meeting at GUADEC, chose not to
   put hiring on the top of its priority list for the rest of this term.
 * As I said in a previous mail, *things change*. I imagine that this will
   be one of the items a fresh Board would like to take a run at (and I'll
   be there with bells on).

 * This was one of the reasons I took the term length bylaws modification so
   seriously, and I regard that as a great success of this Board, given how
   often it has come up during my previous terms.


- Jeff

-- 2008: Melbourne, Australia
      "And, most importantly, we now have modules named 'fontilus' and
        'themus' -- the two founders of GROME." - Jonathon Blandford

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