Re: Executive director [was: Re: OOXML]

fwiw I also think that an executive director would be good for the
GNOME project,  more needed than a business developer. At least GNOME
gets the resources that needs for doing what is capable to do. This
was not clear a year ago but as Jeff points out things evolve and we
learn in the process.

The profile could be someone already in the GNOME community with an
open professional career a love for GNOME and open source, community
development skills, good communication, able to travel and somewhat
interested and skilled in money related stuff.

I'm sure this person exists already in GNOME, and is reading these
lines (or at least would read then in Planet GNOME). The secret is to
start humble and small, and improving something every quarter.

The problem is _only_ to find the name and surname, sending the offer
on the right time. Perhaps opening the position publicly without a
pressure of time, waiting for candidates?

Anyway, stuff for the brains of the next board.

Quim Gil ///

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