Re: Hiring a part-time sysadmin?

> Lastly, we need to stop being hostile to people trying to help. I
> offered to help with the foundation membership and was rebuffed and
> now you just rebuffed Diego.
I doubt that you (or anyone indeed) rebuffed. On the conrary, I remember
even committee was positive about your volunteering. However the your
request was near to elections, moreover we had four seats occupied in
the committee by then. I even remember we had some talk about if we
could extend committee to five people. 

Later somehow our communication was lost (I remember sending e-mails to
whom volunteered to help in our first meeting after election). After
election Lucas (Rocha) also wanted to help, besides one of the members
of the committee (Clytie) told that she had been having health issues
and could not continue her duties. 

If you feel like rebuffed, I'm deeply sorry about this. 

I think now membership committee is doing very well with processing
applications. We have most of the stuff automated (delays in past was
mostly due to setting up the new system) and currently vast majority of
the applications are resolved less than a week. Of course human
interactions (requesting for information about applicants etc.) is the
most time comsuming part of the process, reason for the applications not
resolved for more than a week is that. 

About communication for MC, mailing list are public and archives are
open, moreoever we now have links to tracker for applicants to see
status of their application more clearly. If you have any other
suggestions for improvement, nothing could be more anticipated, I
believe that commitee and the board would consider your suggestions very

Just to make things more clear. 
> Annoyed,
> Corey
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