Re: Hiring a part-time sysadmin?

<quote who="Corey Burger">

> 1. Planet
> We absolutely need a team around this. The delays make no sense

There haven't been significant delays recently. Vincent has been managing
the GSoC folks to help out, which has been great. Strong editorship is one
of the reasons why Planet GNOME is more readable than many other Planets,
and when I've brought up potential policy changes in the past, plenty of
people have suggested I keep it that way. It's in SVN, so if I'm hit by a
bus or there's a crisis when I'm not around, others can take the wheel.

> 2. Foundation membership
> We need better communication around this.

That's the membership committee, which is very much a separate issue to the
one raised in this thread.

> Better communication would be facilitated by having more people involved

Quoting this separately to point out how little sense it makes. More people
does not result in better communication. :-)

> 3. SVN stuff
> Creation of these things are slow.

It is more often the confirmation process that is slow (depending on people
outside the sysadmin team for information and acceptance), not the account
creation process. As noted in the previous mail, there is work being done to
make the mechanism of account creation simpler and easier too.

> Lastly, we need to stop being hostile to people trying to help. I offered
> to help with the foundation membership and was rebuffed and now you just
> rebuffed Diego.

I did not rebuff Diego. I was polite, open, and explained myself. It was not
in the least bit hostile *and* did not close the possibility of involvement.
What I described has been pointed out by others before.

> It pisses me the hell off to watch the old guard rebuff people like myself
> who are merely trying to help. Ever wonder why KDE is better at attracting
> new people? Because they seem to understand that people are not perfect
> when coming to them!

This is an unreasonably argumentative and manipulative way to make a point.

- Jeff

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