Hiring a part-time sysadmin?

On 6/23/07, Bruno Boaventura <brunobol gnome org> wrote:
On Sat, 2007-06-23 at 12:05 +0200, Murray Cumming wrote:
> The Board's finances seem to be OK right now, and I know that advisory
> board members have generally been ready to contribute for specific
> things that help the project.
> Meanwhile, our sysadmins seem overworked, causing understandable delays
> for simple requests. Now seems like a good time to pay someone so that
> requests for new accounts, mailing lists, bugzilla products, etc, get
> done almost immediately.
> It simple stuff, but that's why it's important. It could make a
> noticeable everyday difference to how we grow and work together.

I'd like to help, but I need some training to do these things.

I say exactly the same.

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