Re: Hiring a part-time sysadmin?

<quote who="Bruno Boaventura">

> I think it's time to add more contributors on sysadmin. Me and Diego are
> very interested to contribute in many areas on GNOME. We have time,
> motivation and love, but we need help to start. I'm a person who can learn
> quickly.

I appreciate your enthusiasm, and there's every chance that we will take up
both your offers. However, our experience shows that 'more' does not always
mean 'better'. Don't be disappointed though -- that's just the gut reaction
you're going to get from the team straight away.

That said, there is work going on at the moment to improve the mechanism of
creating and approving accounts, which will allow us to parallelise the easy
bit. The hard bit, as always, is social. Often, it takes way longer to get
confirmations from peers than it does to create accounts and so on.

- Jeff

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