Re: My interests in the GNOME Foundation

tir, 07 11 2006 kl. 14:43 +0100, skrev Quim Gil:
> My colleagues at the board recommend that I make explicit my current
> interests in the GNOME Foundation in this list, for you to know:
> - I announced internally my interest in the position of business
> development director in September, as soon as the board confirmed an
> interest in this position. The same day I unsubscribed from the
> board-only mailing list, where the discussion is taking place. 
> - Since then Dave Neary reports to me about the hiring process, I guess
> as he is doing with the rest of candidates. Of course I'm not taking
> part in the meetings about this position either. I keep working on my
> tasks as board member and I'm subscribed to the board list. 
> - Last week Dave told me that there was a concern in the board about my
> situation as board member and candidate for the position. I replied that
> I have no objection to resign as board member. I just want to be a
> candidate for the position in equal conditions.
> This is why I'm reporting here and now all this. I thought about
> communicating my interest for this position before for transparency
> sake, but I feared this could be considered as an attempt to gain some
> advantage over the rest of candidates. You know, hiring processes in
> community environments are delicate.
> I would have resigned from the board back on September if my colleagues
> would have requested it. I can resign now if you think it's appropriate.
>As I told Dave last week, I will do whatever it's best. I just want to
> defend my candidacy for the job like any other candidate.

I strongly feel that under the present circumstances it would be the
only acceptable solution to let the next elected board hire the new
GNOME Business Development Director.

The position as the new GNOME Foundation Business Development Director
should be announced broader. The full job description should be
published along with the interview procedure, and it should be fully
transparent to all how the election procedure is going to be. 

In my opinion it is also important that things are done correctly all
the way through, and that there are no conflicts of interest. 

Being a board member is in my view a conflict of interest if a person
wants to apply for the position within GNOME.

There is less than two months till a new board is in place. We won't
miss much by waiting a little longer. It is an important decision, and
will be part of The GNOME Foundations history.

As a global organisation we should do our best to set a good example,
both in terms of software development, but also as an organisation.

Many people pay attention to The GNOME Foundations actions as an
important player in Free Software.

Kind regards


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