My interests in the GNOME Foundation

My colleagues at the board recommend that I make explicit my current
interests in the GNOME Foundation in this list, for you to know:

- I announced internally my interest in the position of business
development director in September, as soon as the board confirmed an
interest in this position. The same day I unsubscribed from the
board-only mailing list, where the discussion is taking place. 

- Since then Dave Neary reports to me about the hiring process, I guess
as he is doing with the rest of candidates. Of course I'm not taking
part in the meetings about this position either. I keep working on my
tasks as board member and I'm subscribed to the board list. 

- Last week Dave told me that there was a concern in the board about my
situation as board member and candidate for the position. I replied that
I have no objection to resign as board member. I just want to be a
candidate for the position in equal conditions.

This is why I'm reporting here and now all this. I thought about
communicating my interest for this position before for transparency
sake, but I feared this could be considered as an attempt to gain some
advantage over the rest of candidates. You know, hiring processes in
community environments are delicate.

I would have resigned from the board back on September if my colleagues
would have requested it. I can resign now if you think it's appropriate.
As I told Dave last week, I will do whatever it's best. I just want to
defend my candidacy for the job like any other candidate.

Quim Gil ///

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