Re: My interests in the GNOME Foundation


Anne Østergaard wrote:
I strongly feel that under the present circumstances it would be the
only acceptable solution to let the next elected board hire the new
GNOME Business Development Director.

I disagree, strongly.

We started this process during the Summer, and have several candidates to whom we owe (at a minimum) respect. That means not saying "not our problem, sorry" just because we haven't quite gotten the response that we desired. There are some people who have been candidates for this position for over 2 months.

The position as the new GNOME Foundation Business Development Director
should be announced broader.

Please, feel free to spread the job description as you see fit.

The full job description should be
published along with the interview procedure, and it should be fully
transparent to all how the election procedure is going to be.

What do you mean by the interview procedure? I would disagree with distributing the questions we are going to ask, for example.

There is less than two months till a new board is in place. We won't
miss much by waiting a little longer.

We will miss all our current candidates, and will lose a huge amount of respect and esteem with the people to whom we have discussed this already - the GNOME Foundation already has credibility issues, which we would do well to avoid aggravating.


Dave Neary
dneary free fr

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