Re: Board meetings since March


Daniel Veillard wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 06, 2006 at 02:04:32PM +0200, Dave Neary wrote:
>> As an ex board member, you have read-only access to the board wiki pages
>> - would you like to take on this task and help me out?
>   I don't have much time either, and I disagree with using the Wiki as the
> way to reach out the community.

The private board pages are as good a way as any to prepare an agenda
and allow people to edit it easily. Taking that information and
splitting it into public/private parts and sending it onto a mailing
list is the task I was thinking of.

>   I think you're not in a very good position to state there isn't enough cycles
> to run those kind of task, I argued that going from 11 to 7 would be a serious
> problem, and it's not a matter of having a paid person to do them, the board
> ought to have the cycles to push the minutes from meeting in a timely fashion
> delegating this can just lead to more delays and less accuracy. It takes 20,
> 30mn at worse to edit and post minutes, every 2 weeks. If people on the
> board don't have that kind of time to offer, then it's a real problem, the
> only other option would be if current board people didn't think board minutes
> are important, but in that case they should be frank about this and state it
> I would not expect or request them.

Of course this task is important, and of course one person can take care
of it in under an hour after each meeting (half an hour to tidy up
notes, and half an hour to take into consideration comments and mail to
the list a couple of days later).

As I said, the breakage is happening between the preparation of the
minutes (which are happening in a timely manner, usually straight after
the meeting) and the sending of public minutes to foundation-list a
couple of days later.

You always did a great job sending out the public minutes. This year, we
have not done as good a job. But there is no way I'm saying that
increasing the size of the board will help us do a better job - sending
minutes out is, and has always been, the job of the secretary - it's not
really something that can be shared unless he/she asks someone else to
take care of it, or is absent from a meeting.


David Neary
bolsh gimp org

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