Board meetings since March (was: Re: Temporaray enlargement of the GNOME Board with 3 persons)


Daniel Veillard wrote:
>   Okay, what happen at the board meetings since March, time of last published
> minutes I could find. I assume it's reasonable request to at least know if
> you are meeting, and what are the problems/questions you are facing with
> the details you can share. It then helps getting a sense of how much work 
> need to be done you can't cope with and hence how necessary increasing the
> board size again really is.

We met on the following dates since the beginning of March:

March 1st (minutes sent to foundation-list)
March 15th (minutes sent to foundation-list)
March 22nd (minutes sent to foundation-list)
April 5th
April 26th
May 17th

We also had 2 advisory board meetings (but minutes from those have
typically not gone to foundation-list):
April 12th
May 31st

There was a scheduled meeting on the 10th of May which was canceled
because of technical problems. The next board meeting is scheduled for
tomorrow, June 7th.

The minutes for the April 5th and May 17th meetings need to be sanitised
for board private issues and sent to the list. We didn't have any phone
call for the April 26th meeting, and so the only minutes we have are an
IRC log, which again needs to be summarised and sanitised for board
privacy issues. The agendas for all meetings should also be reviewed for
privacy and confidentiality issues, and sent to the list.

I've been sending the agendas to board-list 48 hours before the meeting
for comments, and preparing a private/public agenda in the wiki and for
the mailing list has proved more effort than I have available for that,
and I must admit that it hasn't been a high priority.

As an ex board member, you have read-only access to the board wiki pages
- would you like to take on this task and help me out?


David Neary
bolsh gimp org

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