Temporaray enlargement of the GNOME Board with 2 persons

Hello all GNOME Foundation Members,

About the size of the present board.

The Board would like to propose to you a temporary enlargement of the
board with two persons: Behdad Esfahbod and Germ�Po�ama�

Not so long ago we had a Reducing Board Size Referendum

"Should the board size be reduced from its current 11 directors to 7

The Referendum Results:

188 members voted for this referendum. The repartition of the votes is: 

yes (117 votes)
no (70 votes)
blank votes: 1

The board is at the moment of the opinion that a GNOME Board of 7
persons should normally work and be enough, provided that we have a
staff person who can take part of the work load.

Also at present a couple of the 7 board members have been given
additional responsibilities at their ordinary work places and/or
enlarged their family so they are pressed for time for "heavy" board

Since the board has not yet hired anybody (we are in the process of
doing so), the board would suggest to you that for the remaining of this
year, we ask Behdad Esfahbod and Germ�Po�ama�o join the board.

They are both happy and willing to join the board, but under the
condition that there is not severe objections from the GNOME Foundation

I think that I need not tell you, that the two candidates in question
are highly respected for their long time great contributions to the
GNOME project and the GNOME community spirit.

Being responsible for having proposed this temporary compromise
solution, I naturally hope for your blessings.

Please react within 10 days if you have problems with enlarging the
board by inviting Behdad Esfahbod and Germ�Po�ama�o join the
GNOME Board of Directors for the rest of 2006.

Best wishes


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