Re: Temporaray enlargement of the GNOME Board with 2 persons

man, 05 06 2006 kl. 20:07 +0300, skrev Baris Cicek:
> Anne you better also send this mail to foundation-announce because every
> foundation member might not be subscribed here, but they do to
> foundation-announce.

I will do so.

> Also I wonder why Board need to enlarge its size, but instead asking for
> help outside the board. Like delegating some work to groups and just
> stay as a decision maker?

This is the way I would like to se things being delegated. I quite old
and well proven way of doing it.

> As a side note, as far as I remember the biggest argument for reducing
> board size is because it was harder to decide with too much noise in
> board, which made being in decision maker position harder. Isn't it
> better to get over this problem first, which next year's or later year's
> boards would suffer again, instead of temporary solutions

We are in reality down to 5+ persons at times and this is not enough at
the moment.

We are getting the the Advisory Board more involved and the technical/or
embedded devices group started so we are quite busy.

If we do not get two more persons on the board, I think that we risk
that the busy persons step down, and we will get the good new persons on
board any way, but at the risk of loosing continuity and experience. It
takes a little while before completely new board members get the feeling
of how things are being done and which things must be taken care of
first to get the business running. ( I am here talking of book keeping,
accounting and financial insight and overview.) 


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