Re: Questions for the candidate


>   Okay, I restate, can you give us examples of lost time spent on the board
> on topic you or others were not interested into. Then we can discuss to what
> extend people think delegating to Tim or someone else is really needed.

The discussions on the board were needless chit-chat of events, hence
irrelevant, and hence why I think they could have been delegated to
someone else, and hence me not remembering them nor having an interest
in digging the archives.

But if there were so many important discussions, would you then feel
comfortable saying that the board took 26 solid decisions that year that
must have had the input of the eleven board members involved?

Please list those 26 crucial decisions that required those eleven people

I personally, can only remember a few times when a vote had to be taken
because there was wild disagreement.

Going back to your example about France: your president meets with his
group every week or so.  Good.  Notice how there is a president, mhm,


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