Re: Questions for the candidate

On Mon, Nov 29, 2004 at 05:04:28PM -0500, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> > The board can already do this. Look at all the action items being
> > assigned each meeting. I'm skeptical that one person can do all the
> > action items better than the entire board with its range of specialist
> > skills or am I missing your point here ?
> It is nice that people are picking action items, but the board calls
> (that I take it, you have never been to) turn into a bi-weekly meeting
> where you have 11 people listening, debating and deciding over things
> that are not important.

  If you think your time is scarce for going though those thing,
what do you expect to do instead ?
  I can't believe that you think giving one hour of your time every too
week is too much for the good standing of the project. And clearly, not
doing so - as this year board has shown - reflect badly on the project
organization !

> Most items discussed on those calls are not necessary, hence someone
> could clear up the queue a lot faster and keep the board focused on
> things that actually matter.

  You were on the same board call as me for 2001-2003, you have minutes for
all of them, please point specifically at some of the items you think were
time wrongly spent at the board level ?
  I'm sorry but if I'm elected, I will ask to go back to regular meetings
every too weeks. And if we don't have much on the agenda, we can stop the
call after 15mn without shame. But we need those regular calls to work
on a consensus based way.


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