Re: Questions for the candidate


>   If you think your time is scarce for going though those thing,
> what do you expect to do instead ?
>   I can't believe that you think giving one hour of your time every too
> week is too much for the good standing of the project. And clearly, not
> doing so - as this year board has shown - reflect badly on the project
> organization !

You are clearly not interested in understanding the problem, you are
interested in a flame war, because you clearly do not want to understand
the point am trying to make, and instead you are choosing to vilify and
twist my words.

If you were actually paying attention instead of trying to start a
fight, you might have realized that this year, I was not on the board.
So maybe this reflects badly on you.  I do not know.

That being said, and back to the topic from your gratuitous attempt at a

My proposal to have a president is to better utilize the time of the
members of the board.  Does the whole board need to be involved in every
decision?  No.

That is why boards elect presidents in real life, and that is why every
other organization (profit and non-profit) has these kinds of
structures: to be more efficient.

The every-two-weeks meeting is a drag to most people: only a couple
really participate in a discussion, because the topics are not of the
interest to everyone.


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