Re: Questions for the candidate


> I disagree. If the president makes any decision contrary to the goals of
> any member then the president gets removed. That means the president can
> only implement "consensus". That gets us back to the same position as we
> have now with the board.
> In other words the idea of a president achieves no improvement, only the
> disadvantage of having the costs of a figurehead to bear.

If you apply your argument consistently, then we have to ask ourselves
why do we elect a board in the first place?   Every point you make about
the voted president can be applied to the voted board.

The reason to have a president is so you can delegate plenty of mundane
decisions to someone you trust.  In the same way that every Gnome
Foundation member votes to have someone they trust on the board to run
the Foundation.

In any case, the value of a president is something that the board will
decide, they have the power to choose or not choose such proxy to carry
out the tasks of the foundation.


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