Re: RealMedia used for GUADEC live transmissions?

On Fri, 2003-06-27 at 06:54, Glynn Foster wrote:

> > If someone is willing to do this, or if someone who already uses
> > RealPlayer wants to do the conversion, I won't reject the results.
> > However, pressing a person to violate his principles by installing a
> > non-free program is acutely disrespectful.
> Let's not kid ourselves here. People have the 'right' to not choose to
> view the footage without violating whatever they hold dear to
> themselves.

By now this is probably the 20th message on this topic. I think it is
important to keep these comments in context. The remark Glynn quoted
referred to the claim that Rui should install a non-free program to
convert the files rather than being an armchair general. That quote
therefore had nothing to do with the `right' to not choose to view the
footage, since viewing it wasn't the issue.


PS: As far as I am concerned this whole discussion is only (once again)
the distinction between the `open source movement' and the `free
software' movement.

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