RealMedia used for GUADEC live transmissions?


 On  I can read:

    Live 150kps Real Video Stream from Burke Theatre

I'm sorry, but I feel it is extremely awkward that a project aimed at
making people use a Free Software desktop promotes using non-free

I can understand the motivation and how it may have been well intended,
but this should not continue.

At least some formats have Free Software that can interpretate them,
even if they are patent encumbered in some unfortunate countries like
the USA (let's hope we can avoid software patents in Europe: - hurry because we have little time and we've just
lost one of the battles with the JURI voting).

I know Ogg Theora isn't ready yet, but it works quite well (although
maybe not yet for streaming).
I've very recently made some tests and hope to publish some Ogg Theora
videos soon, accompanied with the player and encoder apps (built
statically) since the format is not yet finalized and as it may chage,
the code used to code and decode those videos must be preserved.

Yours, Rui

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