Re: RealMedia used for GUADEC live transmissions?

    Or you could get Real Player, download the images, decode them, and
    publish them, instead of demanding that people put even more work. 

    Lead with the example.

GUADEC too should lead by example.  This is why the issue we are
discussing is so important.  When GUADEC uses RealPlayer, it sets an
example that encourages use of non-free software merely because that
is a convenient way to do some task.  By converting ASAP to a free
format, it can start setting a good example.

You are right in asking other people to pitch in and help, and I am
sure Rui is willing to do so.  But don't make that an excuse to for
you to do nothing.  The GUADEC organizers and GNOME developers should
also pitch in and help.  For instance, the GUADEC organizers can make
the raw recording available for him to download; then he can do the
conversion without any non-free software, and provide the converted
files back to the GUADEC organizers.  This way, nobody would have
to run a non-free program to get this job done.

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