Re: Does Gnome have to do as it's Told?

On Tue, Oct 30, 2001 at 04:36:13PM +1300, Rob Brown-Bayliss wrote:
> True or False:  More people know what Gnome is than Know what GNU is?
> I think it's probably false.  Certianly some one can not use linux for
> long with out hearing about both.  AS for Windows/Mac folk, I imagine
> it's possible for a person to use either system for their entier life
> without knowing anyting about Gnome and FSF/GNU
> All that said, it is probabaly time for the Foundation to make it known
> one way or the other:  Does Gnome rule it's self, or does the FSF have
> veto poweres over the Gnome Foundation and Gnome it's self?

The day FSF (or anyone) will tell me what I should do is the day when I ...

Oh wait ... even if they tell me what to do I just won't listen and do
whatever I feel like doing anyway.

Free Software and FSF only works (if RMS wants it or not) because there isn't
a "chain of command".  Or that is, not an "effective one".  Volunteers do
things out of their own free will, and so you can't tell them what to do.
If RMS had some way to enforce his rules, we would never have seen Free
Software flourish.  It is this "anarchy" that allows things to happen, and it
is this anarchy that makes sure that we don't take a "wrong" turn somewhere.

And the summaries are the same thing.  We can debate this for as long as we
wish, the foundation and RMS can take whatever "decisions" they want to.  But
in the end it's up to the people doing the summaries to see if they wish to
follow those decisions.  Any leadership in a volunteer disorganization such
as GNOME is purely advisory.  And fortunately no one can change that.


George <jirka 5z com>
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