Re: Non-free software and GNOME

I never quite understood what it means that we are "part of the GNU project" anyway.  I know it means RMS feels free to breathe down our neck extra hard about silly things like this, but other than that, it feels like it's mostly us promoting the FSF.  


Russell Steinthal wrote:
On Mon, 22 Oct 2001 20:06:06 +0200, Christian Schaller wrote:

From: Richard Stallman <rms gnu org>
To: uraeus linuxpower org
Cc: gnome-summary gnome org
In-reply-to: <3BD298A0 4080408 linuxpower org> (message from Christian
Schaller on Sun, 21 Oct 2001 11:42:56 +0200)
Subject: Re: Discussion dropped
Reply-To: rms gnu org
References: <200110181816 MAA06032 aztec santafe edu> <3BD298A0 4080408 linuxp>
Sender: rms santafe edu

As GNOME is a part of the GNU Project, it is supposed to follow the
GNU Project policies--and none of them is more important than the
policy towards non-free software. Our reason for existence is that
non-free software is a bad thing. To promote its use, to assert it
is a good thing, is to deny our goal.

Please stop promoting non-free software in these summaries.

Well, if he wants to kick us out of the GNU Project, so be it. It's
pointless to argue/debate with him anyway.

(which is why it's good I don't actually get to make these sorts of
decisions :))

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