Re: Non-free software and GNOME

On Mon, 22 Oct 2001 20:06:06 +0200, Christian Schaller wrote:

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>Subject: Re: Discussion dropped
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>Sender: rms santafe edu
>As GNOME is a part of the GNU Project, it is supposed to follow the
>GNU Project policies--and none of them is more important than the
>policy towards non-free software.  Our reason for existence is that
>non-free software is a bad thing.  To promote its use, to assert it
>is a good thing, is to deny our goal.
>Please stop promoting non-free software in these summaries.

Well, if he wants to kick us out of the GNU Project, so be it.  It's 
pointless to argue/debate with him anyway.

(which is why it's good I don't actually get to make these sorts of 
decisions :))
Russell Steinthal		Columbia Law School, Class of 2002
<rms39 columbia edu>		Columbia College, Class of 1999
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