Re: Does Gnome have to do as it's Told?

On 30Oct2001 04:36PM (+1300), Rob Brown-Bayliss wrote:
> On Wed, 2001-10-24 at 13:49, Bart Decrem wrote:
> > I never quite understood what it means that we are "part of the GNU 
> > project" anyway.  I know it means RMS feels free to breathe down our 
> > neck extra hard about silly things like this, but other than that, it 
> > feels like it's mostly us promoting the FSF. 
> True or False:  More people know what Gnome is than Know what GNU is?
> I think it's probably false.  Certianly some one can not use linux for
> long with out hearing about both.  AS for Windows/Mac folk, I imagine
> it's possible for a person to use either system for their entier life
> without knowing anyting about Gnome and FSF/GNU
> All that said, it is probabaly time for the Foundation to make it known
> one way or the other:  Does Gnome rule it's self, or does the FSF have
> veto poweres over the Gnome Foundation and Gnome it's self?
> This is not desicion on the mention of non-free software in the summary,
> but weather or not gnome is alowed to govern it's own future?

Regardless of the theory, I think facts on the ground are that the FSF
can give the GNOME project suggestions but not orders.

I personally don't care that much whether we mention proprietary
software in the GNOME summaries, I would leave that policy issue up to
the GNOME Summary editor.

 - Maciej

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