Re: changed charter, new elections proposal

Hi Martin,

The problem with foundation-list is that it's been know to have high-traffic.
Havoc and I were concerned that we shouldn't force people to follow a high-traffic
list if they just want to be able to see how the nominations are coming along.

A message board is kind of more elegant for this purpose I think because it just
sits there and you can go take a peek at who's nominated themselves and what people
are saying about them without the overhead of signing up for a mailing list.  I
suspect the flow will be something like "I am nominating myself.  I think it's
really important to have Belgians on the board." and then 2 replies saying "Yes,
Belgians are an oppressed minority that must have a voice on the board."   A
message board is perfect to follow those types of threads.

Also, I kinda like doing this off a Gnotices posting since presumably it's a
high-trafficed area and I'm worried that we might have low voter and candidate
turnout.  And Havoc was concerned that it would be a headache to set up a new
message board just for this one-time use.  So I figured doing it on Gnotices (and
then linking to that from was not a bad compromise.

But yes, there'll be some extra noise.


Martin Baulig wrote:

> Bart Decrem <bart eazel com> writes:
> > I propose that we post a news item on Gnotices titled "Elections!".  People
> > nominate themselves by replying to that news item, and below that people can
> > comment on it.  So there'd be one news item and then a thread for each
> > candidate who nominates him/herself.  That's very simple and makes it easy for
> > anyone to see who's nominated and what people are saying about them.
> Hmm ....
> The idea with the thread which people can follow is good, but I don't think
> it's such a good idea to have people nominate themselves on Gnotices.
> Just look at how followups to Gnotices posts normally go; a lot of people
> reply, especially to such an "interesting" topic and you'll get a lot of noise
> there so it will be hard to follow the important posts.
> Also, Gnotices isn't such a good medium to fully track a thread and keep
> informed, a mailing list is much better suited for this job. Since the
> foundation-list is open to everyone, everyone who likes to follow the discussion
> is free to subscribe here, so we should do the nominations here.
> Btw. I also don't think a public forum like GNotices is such a good place
> to hold the nominations. Almost all political parties hold their nomination
> procedures in some place where basically everyone can attend but which looks
> more like a closed builing rather than writing some "we're party XXX; if you
> want to be nominated for the presidential elections, call us now ..." in a
> newspaper.
> --
> Martin Baulig
> martin gnome org (private)
> baulig suse de (work)

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