Re: Draft election rules, announcement

Bart Decrem <bart eazel com> writes:

> I wonder if that ends up creating classes of candidates: the 'elders' who
> are nominated by others and us mere mortals who need to fend for
> ourselves.  Also, it could generate a love-fest of people nominating all
> their favorite hackers.  It creates an administrative burden (making sure
> people would be willing to serve).  But modulo all that, I like the idea
> :)

It may also discourage people from nominatim themselves when there are
already 11 people who were all "approved" by others.

> So I prefer to have people nominate themselves, and tell us why we should
> vote for them.  The lovefest can kick in after people nominate themselves
> (you can go cheer for them or something).

Well, if someone feels that some particular person should be on the board
he can always ask this person to candidate ....

Martin Baulig
martin gnome org (private)
baulig suse de (work)

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