Re: changed charter, new elections proposal

"Adam Sleight" <adams linearcorp com> writes: 
> I agree that we shouldn't have certain positions, etc.  It complicates matters.
> I would like to see a simple message board listing the nominees with the brief
> description how they've helped GNOME grow (™in their own words)
> in whatever way.

I wouldn't look at the elections this way. It's not some kind of award
that people get for doing the most for GNOME; if we want that, we can
have GNOME Achievement Awards or something.

What we want to do is choose people who will be good at doing a
specific job, which is roughly the job of coordinating (but not making
many technical decisions about) GNOME releases and talking to
companies that are interested in GNOME, along with occasionally
discussing some random matters that come up. The job involves talking
to people, writing and posting minutes, participating in mailing list
and phone conversations, going to meetings, yada yada.

So the relevant information is why a nominee would be good at these
tasks, perhaps exemplified by helping GNOME in the past, but we also
want to know that the nominee has time to do all this stuff, has the
relevant skills, etc. And then we want a balanced set of people who
would be good at these things, representing the different groups
involved in GNOME.

> Allow the public to add comments saying elect so and so cuz they'd add
> diversification and bring in so-and-so perspective, etc.
> This way perhaps the not so well ©brandnames® might just stand a chance to get
> one or two seats. Can someone setup a simple message board so people can
> nominate themselves and allow anyone to post comments about that person?

I'd like to see this happen on foundation-list instead of a web page;
web pages are hard to follow IMHO.

What I'm envisioning is that foundation-announce (which I'll create
shortly and put all membership.txt people on) will get a message from
the nominee introducing themselves and announcing the nomination, and
then discussion will go to foundation-list.

After nominations are closed, we'll summarize all nominees in another
mail to foundation-announce, and explain the election process.


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