Re: changed charter, new elections proposal

On Fri, 29 Sep 2000 09:47:23 -0400
 rms39 columbia edu (Russell Steinthal) wrote:
#I think it is quite likely that the top vote-getters in any given 
#poll are going to be hackers, probably even the current steering 
#committee members (should they stand for election).  They are simply 
#the most prominent members of the project, and their names are most 
#known by the members of the project.  Even if there were a concerted 
#effort to elect a documentation representative, or a translator, I 
#doubt they would have the name recognition needed to crack the upper 
#tier of vote-getters.  If there are more than one of a given type in 
#the election, the chances of their votes being fragmented seem high, 
#and they are not going to have a huge margin to work with.

I agree that we shouldn't have certain positions, etc.  It complicates matters.
I would like to see a simple message board listing the nominees with the brief
description how they've helped GNOME grow (™in their own words) in whatever way.
Allow the public to add comments saying elect so and so cuz they'd add
diversification and bring in so-and-so perspective, etc.

This way perhaps the not so well ©brandnames® might just stand a chance to get
one or two seats. Can someone setup a simple message board so people can
nominate themselves and allow anyone to post comments about that person?

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